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Water Heaters

Gas Water Heaters

Gas Water Heaters: Diagnosing the Common Problems

Gas water heaters are the second most widely used appliance in a household; a home’s heating and air conditioning unit is the first. Such a frequently used appliance can suddenly develop problems from age and use. In general, gas water heaters are exceptionally reliable, but on occasion malfunctions do arise. Gas water heaters have a […]

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Replacing Older Appliances

Why Replacing Older Appliances is Good for the Environment

When you think about living a green lifestyle, you might think about using things until you can’t use them any longer. Although this is often true and is a good way to reduce and prevent waste, there are some things that should be replaced. For example, replacing your older appliances can actually be good for […]

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bad hot water heater superior appliance repair

The 7 Signs of a Bad Hot Water Heater

A hot water heater is one of those things we take for granted. Most people never think about it until it fails. When it fails, though, it will really get your attention in one way or another. No hot water means no hot showers. And, if your heater has developed a significant leak, as do […]

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