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5 Common Dryer Problems

Common Dryer Problems

The clothes dryer is an integral part of your daily and weekly chores, helping you to get through your dirty laundry quickly and efficiently. They’re great machines when they are in working order, but as with anything that makes our life easier, they require maintenance and, sometimes, repairs. Modern dryers are complex, and you may run into issues with your dryer over time.

So what are some common dryer problems?

1Dryer won’t turn on at all

The first two things to always check are if the dryer is actually plugged in, and if the fuse or breaker is tripped for that receptacle. It could be that simple. Of course, if those two factors are ruled out, then it gets fairly complex – it could be anything from a broken door latch to a bad starter switch, all of which require a professional diagnosis.

2Dryer does not tumble the clothing

You might hear the engine running, but the tumbler drum itself isn’t rotating. Dryers in general use belts and pulleys to spin the drum, and if one of these slips off or breaks, the engine will run but nothing will move. It could also be something more severe, including issues with drum rollers that will cause them to bind.

3Dryer does not produce heat, or produces very little heat

You’ve run your load through your dryer over and over, but it is cold and clammy. This means you’re not getting heat to flow into the dryer. To start, check to make sure you’re using the right cycle – you may have set it too low for the load. Your dryer needs to pull in air to produce heat, so air flow is the main priority. Beyond that, a number of elements can fail, including the heating element itself, the igniter, or the thermal fuse.

4Dryer produces too much heat

Conversely, your dryer may be producing too much heat during the cycles, resulting in shrunken or burnt clothing. Beyond making your clothing ugly, this is also a potential fire hazard that needs to be evaluated immediately. It could be something as simple as a clogged lint trap, or as complex as faulty heating coils.

5Dryer makes noise

There is a laundry list of reasons your dryer could be making odd noises during a cycle. It could be as simple as maybe you just forgot to take your wallet out of a pants pocket, or you left the cap from the laundry detergent in with the clothing. It could be something worse though, as your drive belt may squeak, or your drive rollers or drive roller axles may wear, leading to noisy operation.

The last thing you want is a load of clothes that are wet, and you’ve got no way to get them dry. Particularly in the chilly Missouri winters, hanging them outside isn’t an option.

To get your dryer back in working order so you can have warm, dry clothing once again, contact us at Superior Appliance Repair – we can diagnose and repair all brands of dryers, and help you get your outfits nice and dry for when you need them.

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