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3 Ways to Repair a Scratched Washer or Dryer, DIY

fix scratched washer dryer

You do your best to care for your washer and dryer, but sometimes things happen that are completely out of your control. Often times, it could be something as simple as a recent move from one house to another. Sometimes even a dropped metal hanger or small metal object can cause damage. You begin to throw your first load of laundry into the washer and notice it. Now what? Below are some helpful tips from this article.

How to Repair a Scratched Washer or Dryer – Depending on Your End Goal

1. Prevent Rust: If your goal is to prevent your appliance from rusting, then you can apply a generous amount of car wax on the scratch and buff it with a cloth until it is smooth to the touch. Applying car wax is enough to prevent the scratch from rusting. This method works on other metal appliances, such as refrigerators.

2. Acceptable Condition: You can find metal enamel at your local home improvement store. This will help to repair the scratch at a much less expensive option. This is not a perfect fix, but it will do the trick as a quick fix.

3. Original Condition: if you would like your dryer to be as close to original condition as possible, you should apply touch-up paint. You will find a paint code in the back of your manual; you will need this when calling your local authorized appliance dealer. They will direct you to where you can buy the exact-match paint to help you repair your washer or dryer.

Only you know which choice will work best for you. One of the above methods will be sure to fix your scratch, and if your able to go with the third option, you may never know there was a scratch at all.

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