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Why Is Your Dryer Thumping?

Thumping Dryer Noise

Does your clothes dryer sound like you’re drying a pair of shoes in it? If so, you probably wonder how to figure out why your dryer is thumping. Several issues could be causing the dryer thumping sound.

A foreign object may be in the dryer. The dryer thumping noise might be caused by something as simple as an item that fell out of a pocket. Check the dryer for loose items such as coins.

The dryer may not be level. Dryer thumping sounds are common in dryers that are not level. A dryer that’s not level might not rotate properly.

The support rollers may be worn. Many dryers have drum support rollers. These rollers can become worn over time and lose their shape. This causes the dryer’s drum not to rotate properly, leading to a thumping or squealing sound. Drum rollers tend to wear evenly. They should be replaced as a set.

The drum seals may be damaged. The drum seals provide a cushion between the drum and the dryer’s bulkheads. They prevent excess air from entering the drum. If the seal is torn, clothing may become stuck in the gap when the drum turns, creating a dryer thumping sound.

The drive belt may need to be replaced. The drive belt rotates the dryer’s drum. The drive belt may become frayed or cracked as it ages. A worn belt can cause a thumping sound when the drum turns.

The dryer may have a loose blower wheel. The blower wheel draws air through the dryer’s exhaust vent. Over time the blower wheel can wear out. A roaring or thumping noise is often heard when the blower wheel is loose.

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