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Condenser Dryer vs. Vented Dryer: Which Is Better For You?

Condenser vs Vented Dryer

The time has come to buy a new clothes dryer. But which is the best option, a condenser dryer or a vented dryer? While they both get your clothes dry, there are some important differences to consider.

The main difference between a condenser dryer and a vented dryer is the way they dispose of the moisture they remove from your clothing.

When using a vented dryer, air is pulled into the machine from your laundry room, heated and blown through your wet clothes as they tumble around inside. The moisture in your clothes evaporates, producing moist air which is then vented through an exhaust hose.

The venting hose will need to be connected to a window or run directly through the wall of your home. It’s important that the venting system is installed correctly so that none of the moist air emitted by your dryer escapes inside your home. If it does, you might find that your laundry room has become one very large humidifier. Also, making sure the vent of the dryer is clean is important.

If it isn’t possible to install a venting system in your house or apartment, then you may want to think about a condenser dryer.

Condenser dryers or vent-less dryers take the same moist air extracted from your clothing and condense it back into water which collects in a tank that must be drained by the user. No ventilation system is required. Installation is as easy as plugging them into an electrical outlet. That makes them ideal for apartment homes. And because they don’t need to be near a window or an exterior wall for ventilation purposes, they give you more options as to where to place the machine in your home.

Condenser dryers are sometimes less energy-efficient, using up to 15% more energy than vented dryers. But many now feature heat pump technology, rather than the heat exchangers common to most condensers. These have consistently earned top energy ratings.

Superior Appliance Repair is happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today. We can ensure the proper maintenance of whichever dryer you choose and make any repairs that may be needed along the way.

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