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Electric vs Gas Stove: The Great Cooking Debate

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Among those who cook regularly, there is great debate over which option is best when it comes to cooking on a stove. The choices are clear — electric and gas — but determining a winner in this close race is difficult. Naturally, there are many benefits of both options and understanding those benefits may help settle the electric vs gas stove argument once and for all.

Let’s Compare Electric vs Gas Stove Cooking

Cooking with Electric

One of the best things about an electric stove is its look. It offers a sleek cooktop that looks fantastic in the kitchen and is also easy to clean. They are also easy to operate and are less expensive when it comes to purchasing and installing them. An electric stove also offers a stable surface for pots and pans and additional storage underneath.

Unfortunately, electric stoves do take longer to cook than gas stoves do. While the cooktops are easy to clean, some things can be nearly impossible to get off once heated, like sugar. They also become stained easily, which makes them not nearly as attractive.

Cooking with Gas

When looking for quality cooking, the gas stove wins hands down. The heat is instantaneous and it can be controlled much easier. Changes to the flame also occur instantaneously, which helps the food to cook evenly. Homeowners will also be able to enjoy savings on their electric bill because a gas stove is much cheaper to operate, even when paying for gas in the home.

One of the downsides to a gas stove is that it is a more expensive option. Along with being more expensive to purchase, they are also more expensive to install, especially if a gas line isn’t already available in the kitchen.

For many, cost is the most important factor when deciding between a gas and electric stove. If this is the case for you, you should choose an electric stove. However, if you are looking for a high quality cooking experience, a gas stove is the option that you should go with. For those looking to learn more about the differences between a gas and electric stove, be sure to contact us today.

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